The Tailor Shop

Franciscano Tailor is a space that combines luxury tailoring and art.

Dedicated to the wonderful world of artisanal custom tailoring, the space is located in the prestigious Retiro neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires – Argentina.

Recognized as the most luxurious tailoring shop in the country, it has the best handmade clothing service exclusively for men.

Francisco Gómez is a renowned international tailor who leads this now emblematic brand that he himself started almost a decade ago. He is characterized by his notable love for the noble craft of handmade and personalized garments.

Today, that "Franciscano style" is present and expanding in several countries in the region.


The term "Bespoke," born on Savile Row in London, refers to the excellence of a service entirely handmade and tailored.

To truly enjoy an authentic Bespoke piece, it is essential to understand various aspects that this term represents.

The service begins from the initial appointment, where, once the style is defined, the most suitable fabric is chosen, which must be composed of natural fibers.

The master tailor is responsible for taking measurements and refining the garment after each fitting, as well as guiding the process that will take no less than 90 hours of craftsmanship.

In summary, bespoke tailoring offers artisanal and exclusive pieces crafted from scratch for each client.

Private Tailor

Franciscano also provides exclusive and private services to a select group of clients at their homes and/or offices.

He travels with a specially designed briefcase that contains a selection of catalogs featuring imported fabrics, replicating the unique and unrepeatable luxury service experience.

Another service offered is the well-known Trunk Show, which takes place in various provinces and countries across Latin America.

This service involves the tailor traveling with his trunk, offering the tailoring of different made-to-measure garments in the cities he visits.

Under this mode, during three consecutive trips within a total period of three months, work is carried out in a way that at the end of this period, the garments are delivered.

The experience consists of three appointments, and in each one, efforts are made to optimize time, both in fine-tuning with greater precision and in the production and subsequent fitting adjustments.

Francisco Gómez

He took his first steps in this magnificent craft in early 2004 in his hometown when he specialized in developing tailored patterns for each client. His constant study of body shapes and garment morphology led him to be widely recognized for his skills and extreme precision in every garment he created.

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, it didn't take long for him to start surrounding himself with great Italian and Spanish master tailors. They contributed to his knowledge as a self-taught individual and immediately acknowledged him as a colleague within the profession due to his high level of excellence, which paved the way for his great work as a tailoring artisan.